Glasgow City Council declared a Climate Emergency in May 2019.  Climate Change is the greatest challenge of our lifetime, and one with implications for all.  It threatens the realisation of children’s rights across the globe. 

Despite our children and young people being least responsible for this unfolding crisis, too often they bear the brunt of climate change related impacts. It will be a key focus for all our city’s children and young people. They are our emerging agents of change and will increasingly take responsibility for rising to that challenge, acting decisively and quickly.

Glasgow’s Children and Young People’s Climate Charter: Engage the World to Change the World, is an intergenerational declaration, promise and challenge. It supports the City’s Council, citizens, partners, children and young people to be compassionate, responsible and effective citizens developing the skills, knowledge and attributes for an equitable, just and sustainable world. It inspires all to become climate and carbon literate and empowers our children and young people to play an active role in the climate emergency.

On November 5th 2021, Glasgow's City Council needed to launch this Climate Charter at the "2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference" in Glasgow. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as COP26, was the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference, held at the SEC Centre in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. 

I was assigned to design the visual identity of this Charter, which is basically an agreement between the Council, citizens, partners and the city’s children and young people. The design should convey the message that the Charter sets out the Council's values and how the Council, citizens, partners and the city’s children and young people will work together to tackle the climate crisis. It should highlight each generation’s responsibility to ensure the protection of rights for the next. The charter forms part of a way of working that people will continue to develop together.

The question I was asked by the Glasgow City Council's Education Services was: "How can we make the charter into something lovely that would also be child and young people friendly?" 

Bingo! This question really made my day! What could possibly be better, than working for such a great cause? 

Children's and young people's illustrations, vibrant colours, a clear blue sky and plants... lot's of plants, while emphasising at what children and young people have to say by creating sections such as "What Matters to Me" and "Children's and Young People's Missions.". 

For this project, I designed a Brochure that was handed at the Conference, as well as two roll-up banners that were placed at the entrance. 

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