Echo Bone Beverage, is the first functional beverage for dogs! Produced in Canada, this bone broth improves dog's hydration, energy and immunity, builds strength and helps with muscle maintenance. So when Yaya Foods, approached me to build the brand identity and packaging design system I said "&*!# yes!" and then cheers!

Upon setting out to build the brand, I knew I wanted to showcase the fact that Echo Bone Beverage is made from real, whole ingredients – all of the good stuff, and none of the bad. Beyond that, I knew I wanted to make the functional benefits clear and understandable but also, you know, fun! So I developed a brand mark that embodies uniqueness and character, while still delivering on confidence; a style that dials up the realness of the ingredients used; and a playful typography system that makes Echo Bone Beverage especially approachable. The end result is a flexible system that brings forward the details of the product offering, and transports our customer into an engaging world of best-for-your-dog ingredients that deliver on function and taste!

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