Brand Design, Logo, Posters, Pop-up banner, Flyer/Invitation

Biannually Eastern Western Motor Group host a group wide VIP Event to coincide with the launch of the new car registration plates. Direct mail invitations are sent out for each franchise and the showrooms are dressed with various POS materials reflecting the look and style of the event graphics. 

The existing logo has been in place for the last 8 years and was in need of an update. The new design had to reflect the premium nature of Eastern Western Motor Group. It should be unique and easily recognisable. It will be used for the next several events and be deployed across a variety of media.

Recreating the VIP Event logo was quite a big challenge. Since it is a logo/brand that already exists, I had to create something new but at the same time a logo that the existing clients are familiar with. To do that, I kept the logo’s balance, but changed the fonts and shape. I used a serif and a script font which I tweaked in order to create a symbol that shows luxury.

For the invitation, again, I had to follow the branding guidelines, therefore I used the brand’s colours and fonts. However, I wanted to show that this event is something big, so I designed an invitation that is bold and eye-catching, using images to draw the audience’s attention. The images had to make the audience want to buy the actual product, consequently come to the event, but at the same time had to integrate with the overall artwork, so I used images that had the same colours. I also designed a 
Roll-Up Banner that can be used during the event and a poster that could promote the event in the branch beforehand.

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